Korean Instructors & Course Syllabus

2021 Korean Language Instructors

Kyongbin Kim,

Beginner Lv 1

Do you want to start learning Korean? 

Then you have come to the right place! 

Make your Mondays special by learning Korean.

I’ll see you then!

Kyunga Yu,

Beginner Lv 2

Learning the Korean language will lead you closer to your goal of understanding your favourite K-pop songs, shows, movies and friends.    

Let’s all jump into the fun world of learning Korean!

Monica Choi,

Beginner Lv 3

I hope you enjoy learning Korean through online classes and various activities. Let's get started! 

Online Courses

Downtown - ILSC

​TOPIK Preparation Class

​Textbook & Course Syllabus

Soyoung Choi,

TOPIK 1 Class

Welcome to the Korean class!

Let’s make a fun class together.

Soonae Bac,

Beginner Lv 2

Let's learn the Korean language together

and develop an understanding

of Korea's rich culture.

I look forward to meeting you in my class!

Heejung Yoo,

Intermediate Lv 1

Welcome to the Korean Language Class. 

We will have a great time learning Korean together.

Eunice Yu,

Intermediate Lv 2

Let's master wonderful Korean!

Soohyeon Kim,

Intermediate Lv 3

How to speak Korean

- it's easier than you think!

Let's start together!



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