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PDSB (Peel/Mississauga/Brampton region) Korean Credit Program - Online

PDSB offers the Saturday Korean Credit Program starting this September.

- Period: Saturdays, September 19, 2020 ~ June 12, 2021 (30 Sessions)

- Schedule: 9:00 am ~ 12: 30 pm

- Course offered: Level 1 (G9&10), Level 2 (G11), Level 3 (G12)

- Eligibility: Anyone from Grade 9~12, non-native and native speakers

- How to register?

- All classes will run online. 

- No classes are scheduled for holiday long weekends or school breaks.

- SK-grade 8 students who currently attend a Peel DSB day school should bring a copy of the last day school report card.  JK students should bring proof of age (e.g., a copy of the birth certificate or passport) to be handed in to the teacher or at the office.

- All students who attend schools other than Peel DSB day schools (e.g., Dufferin-Peel, neighbouring school boards or private schools) MUST BRING proof of address and age.

- Students enrolled in CU0 and DU0 credit classes MUST BRING a transcript as proof of pre-requisite for th​​e course.  CU0 students MUST HAVE the BD0 pre-requisite and DU0 students must have the CU0 pre-requisite.

- VISA students are required to pay $1500.00 per credit course.

- Inquiry

Continuing Education 100 Elm Drive West, Room 116

Adult Education Centre South Mississauga, ON  L5B 1L9 Telephone 905-890-1010, ext. 6613, 6612, 6610

Follow us on Twitter @Peel_ConEd


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