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2020 Study in Korea Online Education Fair(July)

It is our pleasure to announce that NIIED will hold "2020 Study in Korea Online Education Fair(July)" for international students

1. Name of the event: 2020 Study in Korea Online Education Fair(July)

2. Date: July 14th(Tue), 2020 ~ July 27th(Mon), 2020

* Registration: June 30th(Tue), 2020 ~ July 27th(Mon), 2020

3. Introduction of main contents

  - Studying in Korea, scholarship programs, information about Korean Universities, online application, online consultation, Live Chat

4. Participating universities: 75 universities

  - Visit the Study in Korea website ( to select the online education fair link.

  - Complete the registration and visit the website during the online education fair.

* The Study in Korea Online Education Fair is open for 24 hours wherever you are able to access internet. However, the live chat time may vary due to participated universities' condition. For your reference, the timeline for the Fair is set for Korean time(GMT+9).

Furthermore, we have attached a file called "Information of participating universities" that you may check it beforehand.

I am hoping that this is a great opportunity to get useful information about studying in Korea through this fair.


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