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The Korean Honor Scholarship(KHS)

The Korean Honor Scholarship Committee extends an invitation to Korean and Korean-Canadian undergraduate and graduate students to compete for the six available 2019 Korean Honor Scholarships. (Six scholarships will be awarded in Canada this year.)

The scholarship is awarded to encourage outstanding students who have Korean heritage to achieve their highest academic potential and develop leadership skills for their future careers.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be attending a college or university, at least both the 2018 fall and 2019 spring semesters in the Canada and must have an overall grade average of 3.0 or higher(on a 4.0 basis). In addition to the academic criteria, an essay, letters of recommendation, awards, honors, performances and extracurricular activities are also reviewed for the selection process.

This year’s scholarship restrictions have been modified. A student, who has previously obtained a KHS scholarship at the undergraduate level, may also apply again for a KHS Scholarship at the graduate level as well. (Previously, only one scholarship was given to a student, regardless of the academic level.)

1. Important Dates for Year 2019 Competition

○ Application period : April 29, 2019 ~ June 21, 2019

○ First round evaluation at regional consular offices : June 24, 2019 ~ June 28, 2019

○ Final round evaluation by Central Selection Committee : July 9, 2019 ~ July 12, 2019

○ Scholarship Award presentation : after September 23, 2019

2. Amount of Scholarship: $1,000 per student (1 Year)

o Best Honor Scholarship - $ 2,500 (2 students or so)*

o Honor Scholarship - $1,000 (6 students or so)

o Best Essay Award - $ 500 in addition to Honor Scholarship(3 students)*

* included Canadian students with USA students

3. Allocation of Awards

6 scholarships will be awarded to Canadian students this year. The number of scholarship recipients in each category will be subject to the selection guidelines as well as the number of applicants.

4. Qualifications

[if !supportLists](1) [endif]At the time of application, an applicant must be a full time 4-year college or graduate student who has achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher at least for the previous one academic year(Fall, 2018 ~ Spring*, 2019)

* If not available, Spring(2018) is also accepted.

※ The GPA should be on a 4.0 basis (Pass or Fail is not acceptable).

(2) Any students whose parents are Korean (either one or both) or any legally adopted Korean-Canadian students are welcome to apply.

(3) Scholarship will be awarded once in undergraduate and graduate level respectively.

(Past beneficiary in graduate level must not apply for this scholarship)

5. Required Documents

(1) Application form: Download

(2) Official school transcript, including the 2018-2019 academic year

※ If the transcript GPA is not on a 4.0 basis or if letter grades are given, the applicant must convert the grades into those of a 4.0 basis. Submit both the converted grades record and the official original school transcript.

※ Pass or Fail courses will not be accepted.

(3) A letter of recommendation from a professor at the applicant's institution

(4) An Essay written in English by the applicant: up to 500 words (point 12, double spaced)

※ Applicants must write under the following title :

- My plans for success in my future profession and life in Canada

(5) Resumé (including records of awards, extracurricular and volunteer activities, leadership, etc.)

※ Graduate students should list research publications and presentations in their résumé.

(6) Applicants of music or art field only : either one of the followings

※ Art students must submit a CD that includes 10 pieces of his/her original works(The size and medium of works and the year when works were created must be specified in each work image).

※ Music students must submit a DVD that includes a 20-minute long his/her own performance(Video or cassette tape will NOT be accepted).

※ Both CD and DVD must be submitted by one of the following recording types:

Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and GOM Player.

(7) Adoptee and Handicapped students only: Documents to prove disability or adopted (such as copy of applicant's driver's license, recommendation letter, or birth certificate etc. by related organization, other supporting documents)

(8) Only for Korean-Canadian students who did not graduate middle and/or high school in Korea: either one of the followings (if applicable)

※ School transcript for the Korean language course(s) taken at a high school in Canada and foreign countries except Korea (B+ or higher)

※ SAT II Korean test score (700 point or higher)

※ "Certificate of Proficiency in Korean (Grade 5 or 6)", available by taking TOPIK (Test of

Proficiency in Korean) administered by Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation


8. Other Information

○ Applications will NOT be returned.

○ Unqualified applicants will NOT be reviewed and the evaluation process is confidential.

○ Applications must be submitted to the regional consular office or the Korean Embassy, whichever is CLOSEST TO YOUR HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

※ All Professional and Arts scholarships must be submitted to the Korean Embassy.

○ For further information or inquiry, please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa, Ontario or one of the regional consular offices closest to your university.

* Inquiry: Korean Education Centre - / 416-920-3809 ext 242

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