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2019 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

2019 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

1. Overview

2. Application and Selection Method

1) Number of Participants

ㅇ OKFriends HomeComing Teens : 680 people

- 1st (7.17~7.23) : 370 people (including 51 adoptees)

- 2nd (7.31~8.6) : 310 people (including 34 adoptees)

ㅇ OKFriends HomeComing Youth : 350 people (including 45 adoptees)

2) Qualifications

ㅇ Among Overseas Koreans Middle/High School and University students

- Overseas Koreans who resided legally overseas for 5 years or more

‧ National Citizens, Permanent Residents, Korean National, Adoptees and adoptee’ child, Children of Multi-Cultural Families

‧ Descendants of Independence Patriot, CIS Korean(Goryeoin), Chinese Korean, etc

‧ Students who are willing to contribute to the Overseas Korean community and have outstanding achievements in volunteer service for the Korean society

‧ Must be in good physical and mental health to fully participate in the program

‧ Must not be involved in conflicts with the Immigration control laws of the residing country.

3) Application Method

ㅇ Visit, make an account and apply.

4) Selection Process

ㅇ Among those who have submitted all required documents, we will consider

- Self-Introductory Letter, Reason of Application(check it agrees with the programs objectives)

- Community and service record in the community in country of residence (Reference)

- Recommendation from the Korean Consulate General in residing country (Reference)

- Other information decided through the selection process

5) Criteria Selection

ㅇ Students who write their self-introductory letter and reason of application with motivation

ㅇ Students with skillful comprehension and use of Korean

ㅇ Students excelling in different categories

ㅇ Students who have received awards in academic fields and other extracurricular activities

ㅇ Students who have completed considerable amounts of community service.

6) Selection Exclusion

ㅇ In case that the student is treated due to weak neuropsychiatry and might cause shock, seizure or any abnormal behavior during the event

ㅇ Students who require special attention because of severe allergies, seizures, and shocks caused by certain foods

※ 5% of total participants will consist of students who have already participated in this camp within the past three years

3. Support Content

1) Airfare

ㅇ 50% of the airfare (round-trip and economy class) to all participants

- For Mexican/Cuban-Korean Descendants, Korean adoptees & Adoptee’ child, 100% of the Airfare is provided. (The cooperating institution YMCA will buy the ticket and send it, process will be later announced to participants).

ㅇ Principles of Airfare Support

- Airfare Provision is only applicable if the ticket was purchased for the purpose of attending this program.

- The airfare is supported when the participant departs from the residence area. However, if departing from other areas outside of your residence due to your personal circumstances, support airfare will apply based on your local residence airfare (if departing from other area is more expensive than the local area airfare).

‧ Ex) Residing country: Japan + Departing country: United States ⇒ Airfares will be supported based on airfare from Japan

‧ Ex) Residing country: United States + Departing country: Japan ⇒ Airfares will be supported based on airfare from Japan

2) Meals and Accommodations are provided ※only during the program dates

3) Medical Insurance (Traveler's Insurance) Subscription is provided ※only during the program dates

4. Application Process and Result Notification

1) Application and submission

A. Application deadline (Korean Time)

ㅇ Period : Submitted Before Monday April 1, 2019

ㅇ Korean Consulate General Revision : Recommendations submitted by Friday April 12, 2019

ㅇ Participant selection and result notification : Announced before Friday April 26, 2019 through

B. Documents to be Submitted

ㅇ Required Documents(Write in Korean or English directly on the online application form)

① Application Form, Permission to request personal information and consent to use

② Self-Introductory Letter (Written in English or Korean)

※ Must write place of Birth and Period of time living abroad

③ Certificate of Enrollment or Admission letter (Upload directly to the online application form)

ㅇ Optional Documents(Upload directly to the online application form)

① Special Skills, Awards (Copy)

② Recommendation Letter (Principal, Counselor)

※ Participants must visit the Overseas Koreans Foundation website ( to upload and submit all required application forms and documents.

※ Email, phone number, and contact information must be accurate (Notification of selection results, announcements including schedule and program information will be frequently send via email)

※ Must write an emergency contact and a Korean contact number

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