2019 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

2019 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

1. Overview

2. Application and Selection Method

1) Number of Participants

ㅇ OKFriends HomeComing Teens : 680 people

- 1st (7.17~7.23) : 370 people (including 51 adoptees)

- 2nd (7.31~8.6) : 310 people (including 34 adoptees)

ㅇ OKFriends HomeComing Youth : 350 people (including 45 adoptees)

2) Qualifications

ㅇ Among Overseas Koreans Middle/High School and University students

- Overseas Koreans who resided legally overseas for 5 years or more

‧ National Citizens, Permanent Residents, Korean National, Adoptees and adoptee’ child, Children of Multi-Cultural Families

‧ Descendants of Independence Patriot, CIS Korean(Goryeoin), Chinese Korean, etc

‧ Students who are willing to contribute to the Overseas Korean community and have outstanding achievements in volunteer service for the Korean society

‧ Must be in good physical and mental health to fully participate in the program

‧ Must not be involved in conflicts with the Immigration control laws of the residing country.

3) Application Method

ㅇ Visit www.korean.net, make an account and apply.

4) Selection Process

ㅇ Among those who have submitted all required documents, we will consider

- Self-Introductory Letter, Reason of Application(check it agrees with the programs objectives)

- Community and service record in the community in country of residence (Reference)

- Recommendation from the Korean Consulate General in residing country (Reference)

- Other information decided through the selection process

5) Criteria Selection

ㅇ Students who write their self-introductory letter and reason of application with motivation

ㅇ Students with skillful comprehension and use of Korean

ㅇ Students excelling in different categories

ㅇ Students who have received awards in academic fields and other extracurricular activities

ㅇ Students who have completed considerable amounts of community service.

6) Selection Exclusion

ㅇ In case that the student is treated due to weak neuropsychiatry and might cause shock, seizure or any abnormal behavior during the event

ㅇ Students who require special attention because of severe allergies, seizures, and shocks caused by certain foods

※ 5% of total participants will consist of students who have already participated in this camp within the past three years

3. Support Content