2018 Fall Korean Language Class

The Korean Education Centre is pleased to offer Korean Language Classes for adults who would like to learn Korean Language.

○ Eligibility: Adults who would like to learn Korean Language

○ Registration Fee: CA $50 for 10 weeks program

* Electronic version of course materials will be provided

* Registration fee is non-refundable & non-transferable to next term)

* Registration fee is not the tuition (tuition is free / Even though you register later than starting date, you cannot get discounted price)

○ For Korean Language Program students - 50% off for TOPIK test registration fee in 2018 if you want to take the test

○ Application Period: August 13th, 2018 ~ (first-come first-serve basis)

○ Application Procedure:

1. Complete the Online Application Form - https://www.cakec.com/copy-of-registration

2. Payment option: Credit Card

○ Inquire: Korean Education Centre

E-mail: koreducation@gmail.com / Fax: 416-924-7305/ Phone: 416-920-3809 ext.242

[Attachment] 2018 Korean Language Classes Schedule.pdf

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