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Join us: Korean-Canadian Educators' Association

Are you a Korean-Canadian educator in Canada? or Do you want to be?

Would you like to meet another Korean-Canadian educator? or Would you like to meet other division teachers?

Introducing a new organization "Korean-Canadian Educators' Association(KCEA)."  It is a non-profit professional organization of the Korean-Canadian Educators who are employed in the public, catholic and private school system in Canada.

KCEA was established with the purpose of building a strong network among different generations of Korean-Canadian educators, it also includes the potential Korean-Canadian educators as well. 

KCEA  is planning to have social gatherings, annual seminars, workshops and mentoring. Also gathering and sharing of professional resources as well.

KCEA is looking for Korean-Canadian Educators in Canada. Please join KCEA and help another current/future Korean-Canadian educators.

KCEA is supported by the Korean Education Centre at the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto.

Inquiry - Korean Education Centre

- phone: 416-920-3809 ext 242


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