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[National Korea Maritime & Ocean University] GKS Scholarship

▶ National Korea Maritime & Ocean University

National Korea Maritime & Ocean University is a university in South Korea that is specialized in maritime affairs and is not a university associated or affiliated with any particular region.

Over the past 76 years, we have been training gifted individuals and contributed significantly to South Korea’s ascent to becoming one of the top 10 maritime powers of the world.

In addition to training gifted individuals in maritime studies, we are gaining ground in terms of advanced research with regard to the vast open seas and promoting collaboration between industries and academic communities.

The nations of the world are competing fiercely with each other to protect or expand their maritime territories, while maritime sciences are becoming more and more important. Therefore it could be said that National Korea Maritime University has great potential for future growth and development. It is a university that is specialized in the study of the seas, over a wide spectrum, and training global ocean leaders, aiming to become a world-class

research-oriented university.

Also, we intend to become a guiding university that ushers in the new era of oceans, actively participating in government programs and functioning as a major think tank with regard to the affairs of the sea.

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GKS-Undergraduate Brochure (Double Click for Full Screen View)

KMOU Guideline for International Students
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2022 KMOU Korean Language Program
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