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KㆍLovers volunteers group in Toronto

Recruitment message for KㆍLovers volunteers group in Toronto

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto promotes and exchange cultures between Korea and Canada.

The office is recruiting KㆍLovers (volunteers group) that will become creative and friendly liaison between Korean Culture and Canadians. We are looking for active social media users with knowledge and background (or strong interest) in Korean culture to join the group.

1. Job Description

  • Engage and support events of Consulate General office

  • Everyone will be given one of the following subjects (political, economical, social, cultural, overseas Koreans, consuls)

  • Develop and distribute content through online interactions with marketing strategy (Vlog, blog news, social media posting)

  • Write, curate, and post original contents that promotes CG office events in Toronto, and Korean cultures

2. Qualification

  • Resident of Ontario under the age of 40 with passion to learn and promote Korean Culture

  • Fluent in English with professional writing skills, ability to speak, write Korean language is an asset

  • Practice and knowledge in Canadian (Toronto) cultures and trends

  • Basic video and photo editing skills

3. # of position

  • 20 or less

4. Requirements

  • Resume, CV, link to personal social media ex) Facebook, Instagram

5. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attending in KㆍLovers launching event at CG of Republic of Korea in Toronto office (not during pandemic)

  • Advocate the events through personal social media platforms

  • Join regular meetings and communicate with internal associates

6. Benefits

  • Official Certificate 

  • Prizes to teams with best performances

  • Authentic experience of diplomatic events

Apply by April 24th to email:


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