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Call for Applications: 2024 AKS Hanmun Fellowship

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is pleased to announce the “AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship.” As an important part of our mission is to nurture researchers, who will contribute to the development and globalization of Korean studies, the academy has organized the “2024 AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship” for international scholars in Korean studies. Those who are interested in the following programs held by the AKS, which is the global hub sharing Korean studies with the world, are very welcome to apply.

1. Programs : Lectures, recitations, researches, and on-site tours (conducted in Korean)

2. Program Period - 9th(Basic Course) : March 4 – June 20, 2024 - 10th(Advanced Course) : September 2 – December 19, 2024

3. Venue : The Academy of Korean Studies

4. Eligibility - Undergraduates students, master's and doctoral degree students majoring in Korean Studies at overseas university(including candidates of master's or doctoral degrees)

- Korean nationals and graduates are ineligible for this program.

※ Advanced Korean language skills are required, as the program will be conducted in Korean.

※ Must have completed a basic Hanmun course to take the Advanced Course

2024년 한국학중앙연구원 한문 연수 펠로십 공고(안)
HWP 다운로드 • 59KB

2024년 한국학중앙연구원 한문 연수 펠로십 지원서 양식(Application form)
DOC 다운로드 • 107KB


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