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2024 OKFriends Homecoming Teens & Youth Camp in summer

We invite overseas Korean teens and college and graduate students to the 2024 OKFriends Homecoming Teens & Youth Camp where you can raise your identity and pride as Koreans. Don’t miss your chance to learn about the development of Korea and experience diverse cultural programs.

1. Overview

A. Goals

○ To develop participants' identity and pride as Koreans by providing opportunities to experience the historic and cultural excellence and socioeconomic development of Korea for next-generation overseas Koreans

○ To cultivate ethnic familiarity through exchange and networking between next-generation overseas Koreans and those residing in Korea

○ To cultivate global leaders who can contribute to the prosperity of humanity and make Korea as one of the most important global countries

B. Eligibility

○ Teens- Overseas Koran teens aged 15 to 18 (as of Jul. 1, 2024)

○ College (graduate) students- Overseas Korean college or graduate students (incl. those expected to enter) aged 18 to 25 (as of Jul. 1, 2024)

C. Period and No. of Participants- Each person can participate in one session only.

- You are required to provide your preferred session (1st or 2nd choice).

Note that you may be allocated to a nonpreferred session depending on the circumstances.






Jul. 15–21, 2024 (Mon-Sun, 7 days)




Jul. 22–28, 2024 (Mon-Sun, 7 days)



College (graduate) students

Jul. 23–29, 2024 (Tue–Mon, 7 days)




Jul. 29–Aug. 4, 2024 (Mon-Sun, 7 days)




Aug. 5–11, 2024 (Mon-Sun, 7 days)



College (graduate) students

Aug. 6–12, 2024 (Tue–Mon, 7 days)


* Teens and college students in Korea to be selected separately for the sessions

D. Venue

○ Teens- Seoul metropolitan area (Seoul and Incheon) and other regions (Gyeongju)

○ College (graduate) students- Seoul metropolitan area (Seoul) and other regions (Gyeongju)

E. Programs

○ Refer to Attachment 1. 2024 Plan for OKFriends Homecoming Teens Camp (Draft)

○ Refer to Attachment 2. 2024 Plan for OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp (Draft)

2. Application

A. Application Period

Announcement date – Mon, Apr. 22, 2024

* Application deadline: 11:59 PM, Apr. 22 (KST)

B. Eligibility & Preferred Applicants

○ Eligibility: Overseas Korean students who have legally resided abroad for five years or more

- (Teens) Overseas Korean teens aged 15 to 18 (as of Jul. 1, 2024)

- (College students) Overseas Korean college or graduate students (incl. those expected to enter) aged 18 to 25 (as of Jul. 1, 2024)· Overseas Korean residents, overseas Koreans with permanent residency, Korean nationals, adoptees, children of adoptees, and children from multicultural families·

Students must be in good physical and mental health and able to participate fully in the program

○ Preferred Applicants

- Those who wrote self-introductory letters and reasons for application with enthusiasm

- Those who are fluent in Korean

- Descendants of persons of distinguished services to independence or the State

- Those who excel in different categories

- Those who have received awards in academic fields and other extracurricular activities

- Those who have completed a significant amount of service in the overseas Korean society or their community

C. Application Method & Required Documents

○ Application method: Applicants should visit, create an account, and submit an application

○ Required documents

- Fill out the required fields in the online application form (Korean or English)

① Application form and personal data provision and use consent form

② Self-introductory letter (English or Korean)

③ Certificate of enrollment or admission letter (Upload via the website)

- Optional documents (Upload via the website, max. 5 documents)

① Copy of proof of special skills or awards② Recommendation letter (principal or counselor)

○ Notes- All documents should be uploaded via

- E-mail, phone number, emergency contact, and contact in Korea must be accurate.

- Enter your frequently used e-mail address, as most announcements will be sent by e-mail.

3. Selection Procedure & Standard

A. Selection Procedure

Overseas Koreans Cooperation Center


Competent Consulate General


Application Submission

Applicant recommendation

• Korean Net website

• Overseas Koreans Agency website

• Overseas Koreans Cooperation Center website

• All Consulate Generals of the Republic of Korea abroad

• Access

• Create an account (ID and password)

• Choose your preferred session

• Upload the application form and required documents

• Select your competent Consulate General

• Check your application number

• Check your e-mail to confirm your application

• Collection of applications

• Review of application forms and documents submitted

• Decision of recommended students

• Official letter sent to participants selected with priority

Overseas Koreans Cooperation Center


Partner institution

Selection of participants and notice

Result Check

Announcement of program details

• Selection of successful applicants

• Notification of result

- Korean Net website

- Consulate Generals of the Republic of Korea abroad

• Access

• Log in (ID and password)

• Enter your application number

• Check the result

• You can check the result through your competent Consulate General

• Notification of students’ entry and departure schedule and participation in events

B. Selection Standard 

○ Applicants who have submitted all the required documents will be evaluated preferentially by the selection committee based on the following criteria

○ Ineligibility

- Those who failed to submit the required documents

- Those receiving treatment for medical conditions with neuropsychiatric manifestations and who could exhibit shock, seizures, or other abnormal behavior during the program

- Those who require special attention due to severe allergies to certain foods that may cause seizures or shock

4. Benefits for Participants

○ 50% of round-trip airfare (economy class), accommodation, meals, and traveler’s insurance (newly added)

○ Airfare subsidy standard - 50% of round-trip economy class airfare * purchased to join the program

* The upper limit of airfare subsidies by region will be announced later.

* 100% of the airfare will be provided for Mexican/Cuban-Korean descendants and Korean adoptees and their children

- Airfare subsidies will be provided based on the participant’s area of residence. If departing from areas outside of your area of residence due to your circumstances, airfare subsidies will be provided based on the region of lower airfare(Example) If you reside in Japan but depart from the U.S.: Airfare calculated based on a ticket from Japan will be provided if you reside in the U.S. but depart from Japan: Airfare calculated based on a ticket from Japan will be provided

5. Result & Inquiry 

○ Result   * Detailed information including airfare will be notified to successful applicants.

- Check the result at after Fri, May 10, 2024

○ Inquiry (Overseas Koreans Cooperation Center)- 2024 OKFriends Homecoming Teens Camp

Relevant Staff



Deputy Manager Hyun Myung-hun, Invitation Program Division


Assistant Manager Kim Ji-young, Invitation Program Division


Assistant Manager Kim Ji-hyeon, Invitation Program Division


- 2024 OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp

Relevant Staff



Manager Shin Jung-sik, Invitation Program Division


Manager Oh Yoo-jin, Invitation Program Division


- Korean Net application system

Relevant Staff



Deputy Manager Kim Young-min, Record Exhibition Division


- Attachment -

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PDF 다운로드 • 101KB


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