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2019 Korean Homeland Education Program Application Guideline

- What is the Korean Homeland Education?

Specially & exclusively designed for overseas Koreans, the Korean Homeland Education (K-HED) is en educational program aimed at fostering a Korean identity among overseas Koreans while helping next generation overseas Korean grow into global talents. It consists of a variety of special programs as on-site experiential activities, as well as Korean languages, culture, and history lessons. It also the nation's only long-term overseas education program for overseas Koreans, supporting network formation with overseas Korean from all over the world, and offering future study and career guidance.

- 2019 Program Guide: Special Vacation Course-Summer

* Period: 2019. 8. 7 ~ 8. 23 (3 weeks)

* Application Period: 2019. 4. 22 ~ 5. 24

* Educational Expenses: 634,000 KRW

(Tuition: 300,000 KRW / Accommodation: 126,000 KRW / Meals: 208,000 KRW)

* Admission requirements: [Special Vacation Course] Overseas Koreans aged 12 and above, with a recommendation from a government official

* Documents for submission:

1. Application Form (Given Form)

2. Study Plan (Given Form)

3. Certificate from last school graduated (or expected to graduate)

4. Academic Transcripts

5. Proof of Overseas Korean Identity

6. Photocopy of Passport

* Registration and Application Forms: Korean Education Centre in Canada, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto

- Email:

* Inquiry: Korean Education Centre 416-920-3809 ext 242

[Attachment] 2019 Korean Homeland Education Application Guideline

[Attachment] Application Form: KOREAN HOMELAND EDUCATION (K-HED)

[Attachment] Personal Information Consent Form

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