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Notice for the 34th TOPIK Applicants

Notice for the 34th TOPIK Applicants

★ You must be registered and have your testee identification slip to write this exam.

1. Test Date and Location

Date: Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Location: Cummer Valley Middle School (70 Maxome Avenue, Toronto ON M2M 3K1)

2. Test Schedule

3. Important Notice for Applicants

‣ Testees must place a valid photo ID and the receipt portion of the application form on the top left corner of the desk during the test.

‣ Testees must be seated 20 minutes prior to the start time of the test.

‣ Answer sheet must be completed using the marking pen (provided by the instructor). Answers marked with a pencil or different type of pen will be deemed invalid.

※Exception: the writing test in the 1st session can be completed with different type of black pen.

‣ Whiteout tape can be used to change an already marked answer.

‣ Complete-the-sentence and short-answer types on the writing component of the 1st session test must be filled in the appropriate spaces on the front page, and the essay must be written on the back.

‣ OMR answer sheets can be replaced at the testee’s demand, but must be submitted promptly at the end of the test whether or not the sheet is completed.

‣ Testees must stop writing immediately when the time is called and place the answer sheet on the right, question sheet on the left. Violation of these directions is considered cheating and may result in invalidation of test scores.

‣ Testees must remain seated until the test materials of all students have been collected.

‣ Any inappropriate behaviours during the test will result in invalidation of the test.

※Examples of inappropriate behaviour

‣ Using wireless devices (Cellular phone, MP3, PMP, etc.)

‣ Referring to prepared notes or books during the test

‣ Writing the test on behalf of another person

‣ Looking at other testees' answers or showing one's answers to others

‣ Talking with others or passing materials during the test

‣ Not following the teacher’s instructions

‣ Other violations including violations discovered after the test

4. Test Result

‣ The scores will be updated at on May 30th, 2014 (valid for 2 years).

‣ The official TOPIK certificate will be mailed to the address written on the application form.

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