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Western University - Info on Exchange Opportunities in Korea

▶ What is Exchange?

Bilateral exchanges are formal partnership agreements between the university in which you attend and another university (can be anywhere else in the world). Students have the opportunity to study at the partner university for a semester/year while still paying their tuition and ancillary fees to their current university.

▶ Exchange Partner Schools in Korea

Western University offers its undergraduate students 3 partner schools in Korea. These schools are:

  • Korea University (Seoul)

  • Seoul National University (Seoul)

  • Yonsei University (Seoul)

▶ Deadlines

Exchange application deadlines at Western University vary by program. For the latest information, please reference Western's Atlas portal and view your desired programs:

*Please note the deadlines above are subject to change by the university at any time. For the latest information, please reference the official university website (link below).

▶ Application Process

  1. Research Schools

  2. Submit an Exchange Application to your school's International Programs Office

  3. Confirm your acceptance

  4. Apply to the Host University in Korea

  5. Pre-Departure Programming

  6. Departure

*Please note the application process above may slightly vary by university. For the most accurate and latest information, please reference the official university website (link below).

▶ Contacts

Western University International Office

Details & Apply Here:

Korean Education Centre in Canada

For the latest news on Exchange in Korea, follow us @koreducation

▶ Need Exchange Application Consulting?


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