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Stories Of Korea: Michael Invierno (Korea University)

Aspiring educator and current English literature major, Michael Invierno (@jmt.eng), discovered his passion for teaching others during the first year of his undergrad at Korea University.

Although Michael began his studies in Canada at York University, he had set out to Korea hoping a new environment could help him uncover his passions. “For a really long time, I wasn’t too sure of ‘who I was’ and what I wanted to do in the future.”

After spending a year in Korea meeting new friends and exploring a brand new culture, Michael caught the inspiration needed for his dreams. “Listening to the stories of the new people I met and their goals, it made me value the need to pursue my own dreams. And it was during this time that I discovered how fulfilling it is to teach others.”

Michael encourages all interested students, and those particularly feeling “stuck”, to come study in Korea. “You’ll learn so many amazing things about Korean culture and meet so many people. Not just Korean people, but people from different countries with their own stories to tell. If you’re stuck, come to Korea to learn something new.”

For more photos of Michael’s experiences, swipe right!

📷All travel footage courtesy of Michael📷


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