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Stories Of Korea: Yunny Hou (Sungkyunkwan University)

Avid online content-creator and Ryerson media production student, Yunny Hou (@x.yunny.x), spent a semester in Korea to discover what’s beyond her comfort zone.

This curiosity led to a winter term at Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul) as a visiting student in 2020. “Before Korea, I always thought of myself as someone who sticks to things I am most familiar with.” But after a semester of bonding with her fellow Sungkyunkwan students, roaming new neighbourhoods in Korea, while planning a big trip to Jeju island, Yunny believes that the Study in Korea experience allowed her to grow as an individual. “When I came back, people started saying ‘Korea really changed you.’ That’s when I started to self-reflect and think back to all the great memories in Korea.''

Yunny believes that everyone has the opportunity to grow while studying abroad in Korea - no matter your personality. “If it was my friend, I would say this is an opportunity to grab hold of. Really, this is the chance to experience the best semester of your life. It’s so cliche but now I understand why people say that. Don’t let your fears stop you from going, ‘cause it’s the experience that will make up for it.” #StoriesOfKorea

📷All travel footage courtesy of Yunny📷


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