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Quiz on Korea 2020( Oct. 24 2pm, Zoom Live)

□ The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto (Korean Education Centre in Canada) will host

   2020 Quiz on Korea, an online quiz event on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020 at 2-4pm (EDT) in partnership with

   the Centre for the Study of Korea of the University of Toronto.

□ The Quiz on Korea is a participatory quiz contest for non-Koreans who study Korean language in Canada to

   enhance their interest in and knowledge on Korea and Korean culture.

 ◦ Eligibility     -  Any non-Korean who is 18 years or older (as of Oct. 24, 2020)     -  Participants and their immediate families are NOT of Korean nationality or ethnicity

     (i.e. EXCLUDING overseas Koreans and immediate family members who are Koreans)     -  Those who can speak both English and Korean (Most questions are English multiple choices

       but some are Korean multiple choices)

  ◦ Prizes for the winners      -  1st place: CAD 500 / 2nd place: CAD 400 / 3rd place: CAD 300 / ​     -  4th place : CAD 200 / 5th place : CAD 100      -  6th - 50th place: $25 Amazon online gift card      -  51st - 100th place: $10 Tim Hortons online gift card      -  Special prize winners: Korea Tourism Organization or Nongshim sponsored gift

*Only residents of Canada will be eligible to receive 1st - 5th place & special prizes.

The online application is available until Oct. 22, 2020 at 11:59pm @

    for 250 participants on a first-come first-served basis.

 ◦ Online Application for Quiz on Korea @     -     - Personal information including the email address submitted for this event will be used only for the purpose

     of this quiz contest and sending gifts to the winners and never be used for any other purposes     - Detailed Information for Participants including the Zoom link, and Quiz application ( will be sent

     by email on Oct. 23, 2020 (We recommend you use these applications with LTE or wired Internet rather

      than WIFI or public Internet, and the organizers do not support personal troubleshooting with applications

      during the event)     - Please participate under nick name within 8 characters + last 4 digit # of eventbrite order #

      (ex. if your order # is 0123456789, make a nick name such as “bangtan 6789”) as the contestants’ face

     will be exposed to zoom screen. (Please take note that your application will be regarded as agreement with

     such exposure)   

□ We hope that Quiz on Korea will provide opportunities for Canadians learning Korean to demonstrate

   their Korean proficiency and further understand Korea and Korean culture.


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