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Information about 2021 Korean Homeland Education (K-HED) - University Preparation Course

What is the Korean education program for overseas Korean?

'Korean Homeland Education (K-HED)' is an education program for overseas Koreans made to cultivate the ethnic identity of overseas Koreans and help next-generation overseas Koreans to grow into global talents.

This program comprises the Korean language, Korean culture, and Korean history classes, as well as field learning. K-HED is the only long-term education program for overseas Koreans in the nation that provides career guidance and a network of overseas Koreans.

□ Recruitment Information [Invitation Education]

◦ Application Period for University Preparation Course 2: June 1 ~ July 16, 2021, 6:00 pm (*Based on Korean time)

◦ Course Details:

- Understanding Koren Course 2: September 7 ~ January 27, 2022 (5 Months)

◦ Expenses: KRW 3,475,000 (Tuition: 1,150,000, Accommodation: 750,000, Meal: 1,575,000)

* Above courses are subject to change depending on COVID-19 situation

◦ Qualification:

- Understanding Koren Course: Overseas Koreans with 12 years of more regular [or equivalent] education in a residing country and recommended by the head of a Korean embassy or consulate

◦ How to apply

- Application documents: ① Application (given form), ② study form (given form), ③ Certificate of graduation (or planned graduation) of the final education school, ④ Transcript of the final education school, ⑤ Documents proof as an overseas Korean, ⑥ Photocopy of passport, ⑦ Certificate of a descendent or a family member of an independence Patriot (where applicable), ⑧ Documents relating to scholarship support (where applicable), ⑨ Personal Information collection agreement

- Where to submit: Korean Education Centre (

* Remarks:

◦ Final results will be sent by email

◦ (Inquiry) Kongju National University, Institution of Korean Culture & Education

- (Call) +82-41-850-6031, (Email)

(K-HED)information about 2021 KOREAN HOM
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