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[Application Deadline Extended] 2021 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

[Participation Announcement] 2021 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp

The Overseas Koreans Foundation was established in 1997 as an organization exclusively for those of Korean heritage residing outside Korea. The foundation provides support for some 7.5 million overseas Koreans around the world to grow as exemplary members in their countries of residence while maintaining their ethnic ties to Korea.

The foundation will hold the “2021 OKFriends Homecoming Teens, Youth Camp” for teens and youth of Korean heritage throughout the world to experience the society, history, and culture of their native country to cultivate their identity as Koreans and offer them the opportunity to develop global leadership, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to your full contribution and participation.

I Training Overview

1. Training Objectives ㅇ Offer the opportunity for teens of Korean heritage around the world to experience the society, culture and history of their native country to enhance their identity as Koreans ㅇ Reinforce mutual ties between teens in Korea and abroad and provide guidance for their growth into global leaders

2. Training Overview

※ Offline training will be available for selected candidates in 2020 (final confirmation to be made after reviewing the COVID-19 trend)

II Application and Selection Method

1. Number of People Selected ㅇ Homecoming training for middle and high school students of Korean heritage: 1,200 in total ㅇ Homecoming training for college students of Korean heritage: 500 in total 2. Qualifications ㅇ Overseas Korean Middle/High School and University Students - Who have resided legally overseas for 5 years or more ‧ National Citizens, Permanent Residents, Korean Nationals, Adoptees and Children of Adoptees, Children from Multi-Cultural Families ‧ Descendants of Independence Patriots, CIS Koreans(Goryeoin), Chinese Koreans etc ‧ Students who are willing to contribute to the Overseas Korean community and have outstanding achievements in volunteer service for Korean society 3. Application Method ㅇ Visit, create an account and apply. 4. Selection Process ㅇ Among those who have submitted all required documents, we will evaluate the following : - Self-Introductory Letter, Reason of Application(check it agrees with the objectives of the program) - Community and service record in the community in the country of residence (Reference) - Recommendation from the Korean Consulate General in the residing country (Reference) - Other information decided through the selection process 5. Preferred Applicants ㅇ Students who write their self-introductory letter and reason of application with motivation ㅇ Students with skillful comprehension and use of Korean ㅇ Students excelling in different categories ㅇ Students who have received awards in academic fields and other extracurricular activities ㅇ Students who have completed considerable amounts of community service. 6. Application Process

7. Ineligibility ㅇ Those who do not satisfy the application standards

Ⅲ Support Provided

1. Training Expenses ㅇ Online training: Completely free 2. Awards for Outstanding Participants ㅇ Up to 20% additional airfare for their participation in 2022 (50% of airfare will be covered by default and further details will be available on the training website)

Ⅳ Application Process and Result Notification

1. Application and Submission

A. Application deadline (Korean Time) ㅇ Submission Deadline: August 30th, 18:00(KST) ㅇ Result notification: September 7, 2021, through B. Documents Submissions ㅇ Required Documents(Write in Korean or English directly on the online application form) ① Application Form, Permission to request personal information and consent of usage ② Self-Introductory Letter (Written in English or Korean) ※ Must write the place of Birth and Period of time living abroad ③ Certificate of Enrollment or Admission letter (Upload directly to the online application form) ㅇ Optional Documents(Upload directly to the online application form) - Special Skills, Awards (Copy) ※ Participants must visit the Overseas Koreans Foundation website ( to upload and submit all required application forms and documents. ※ Email, phone number, and contact information must be accurate (Notification of selection results, announcements including schedule and program information will be frequently sent via email) C. Application Process (Check appendix for details)

2. Results and Further Questions ㅇ To be announced through Overseas Koreans Foundation website, on September 7th (Participants will be notified individually). Results can be checked through the Korean Consulate General or Overseas Koreans Foundation Future Generations Department ① OKFriends HomeComing Teens Camp - Joo Dong Kim (Manager), Future Generations Department (+82-64-786-0275, ② OKFriends HomeComing Youth Camp - Hyewon Kim (Assistant Manager), Future Generations Department (+82-64-786-0276, ③ Application System - E-Global Korean Department (+82-64-786-0292, 0295, The End.

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