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2021 Korea-Canada Culture Exchange Video Contest

2021 Korea-Canada Culture Exchange Video Contest

The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Toronto is pleased to host the 2021 Korea-Canada Culture Exchange Video Contest. Please submit video applications from August 10 to September 28, 2021.

Ways to submit the video applications:

1. Select one of the following themes:

▲Introducing 3 Best of Korean culture

▲Introducing 3 Best of Canadian culture

▲Korean culture challenge

▲Canadian culture challenge

(If you want to choose two or more themes, you must submit a separate video application for each theme.)

2. Create your video in English(or with English Subtitles).

The video must be 1 - 10 minutes long.

3. Upload your video on Youtube and submit the link to a Google form:

※ All applicants must submit personal information disclosure consent signed by each applicant along with the application via Google form.

- Applicants shall agree their videos to be broadcast and to be posted on social media channels. (Broadcast will only be utilized in relations to the “2021 Korea-Canada Culture Exchange Video Contest”)

- Parent/Guardian Consent required for contestants born after September 10, 2003.

4. Public voting for the videos will be held in October, 2021.

Prizes for winners

Grand prize winner in all categories C$1,000

▲Prizes in each category

- 1st Place: C$700

- 2nd Place: C$500

Special prize in all categories C$200

* 20 lucky people among those who participated in the public voting will be awarded a C$ Tim Hortons e-gift card.

Winner Announcement

Korean Consulate in Toronto will announce the result of the contest in September and winners’ videos will be uploaded to Korean Consulate Toronto’s Youtube channel.


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