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2021 Application Guidelines of Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees

The Korean Government Scholarship Program(GKS) is designed to provide higher educational opportunities for international students in Korea, with the aim of promoting international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries.

This Scholarship Program invites 4 Canadian nationals for “the 2021 Global Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students for a Master or Ph.d Degree”, to be conducted in Korea for the academic year 2021~2025.

(other 2 Quebecois will be granted by the Consulate General in Montreal)

Applicants must apply for this Scholarship Program through the Korean Embassy to Canada. Only the selected candidates will be notified.

The deadline for the application is March 18, 2021.(For mail-in applications, the application must arrive by the date of the deadline.)

Please submit your application documents by mail to: 150 Boteler Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 5A6.

For the detailed application guidelines, please refer to the attachments(files) above or the GKS website(

※Contact Information

Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada : (email) or 1-613-244-5010(phone)

GKS centre, NIIED :


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