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2020 Study in Korea Photo & Video Essay Contest

Share your "Study in Korea experience" with others!

The Korean Education Centre opens up submissions for the 2020 Study in Korea Photo & Video Essay Contest

The contest’s mission is to encourage students who had experienced study in Korea program to share their experiences with others. Also, the published winning works will bring together potential students who want to study in Korea in Canada, contributing to a better understanding of what Study in Korea programs are. We are looking forward to discovering inspirational creators and their incredible works.

1. Eligibility

○ Any person who had "Study in Korea" experience

2. Genres & Topics

Photo Essay Contest Submission

- Content style: Essay with a minimum of 5 photos

- Format: Essay - PDF & Photo - JPG

Video Essay Submission

- Content style: Video clip maximum of 5 minutes

- Format: MP4 file only


- My Study in Korea Experience

: My thoughts about Korean college/university life, life in Korea

: Share your experience such as the admission process, introduce the program you attended, how to prepare, fun episodes in Korea etc

3. How to submit and Length Requirement

- Photo Essay: 3 pages (letter size), Min. 5 photos must be included / Upload PDF file in the application

- Video Clip Essay: Max. 5 mins long video (MP4 file only) / Upload video file in the application

4. Judgement & Prizes

○ Judging Process: The panel of judges is composed of those who have expertise in each category.

* Contest Judging Criteria will be adherence to the topic, quality of the contents, relevancy, meaningfulness, clarity, conciseness, creativity, and impression, etc

○ Prizes:

Photo Essay & Video Clip Essay Category

Grand Prize (1/Category - Total 2): CAD $500/awardee

1st Place (2/Category - Total 4): CAD $300/awardee

2nd Place (3/Category - Total 6): CAD $200/awardee

3rd Place (3/Category - Total 6): CAD $100/awardee

* All participants will get a small gift from the Korean Education Centre

5. Submission

5.1. When to Submit? October 15 to November 30, 2020 (midnight, EST)

※ No late submissions will be accepted

5.2. How to Submit? Online submissions accepted via Google Form (Application & Upload files)

- Please visit and submit:

- Upload your files (photos & video) at the end of the application

※ The file should be named in the following order: Contest Category-Applicant's full name-Title

5.3. Documents Required

- Online Application Form: Must agree to the media release and plagiarism consent in the application form

- Works: upload it as in file format (Contest Category-Applicant's full name-Title)

6. Winners Announcement and Ceremony

○ Announcement: The Prize Winners are to be announced on the Korean Education Centre website ( as well as individually notified

○ Ceremony: Ceremony won’t be held due to the COVID-19

7. Additional Conditions

○ The copyright (i.e, author’s moral and property rights) of all submitted works shall be owned by the author. However, the property right (i.e., right to reproduce, right of public performance, public transmission right, right of exhibition, right of distribution, and adaptation right) of ‘all awarded works’ shall be transferred to the Korean Education Centre, and awardees are to be compensated for transferring the property right by receiving the prize money.

○ Awarded works can be used by the Korean Education Centre for public interest, promotion, etc.

※ A collection of awarded works will be published (not for sale) and the works will be used for online content.


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