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The 61st Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) - Registration extended!!!

■ Test Date : 2018. 11. 17 (Saturday) ■ Test Location : University of Toronto (Room# - TBA) ■ Test Schedule :

※ TOPIK I will be carried out during the first period only.

■ Application Period : 2018.8.20 (Monday) - 2018.9.12 (Wednesday)

■ How to apply : Online Application -

※ For Korean Language Program students from the Korean Education Centre: Please contact the Korean Education Centre first to receive your 50% discounted price

■ Remarks: ① Completed application form fully ② Must submit your passport-like photo followed by the instruction (You may not be eligible for the test if you do not submit the photo) ③ application fee (CAD$30.00: Credit card only)

***You can download past tests (1st ~ 38th, 41st & 47th test only) from**

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