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The 55th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

**** Application Period has been extended****

■ Application Period : 2017.8.1 (Tuesday) - 2017.9.8 (Friday), 9:00-17:00

The 55th Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)

■ Test Date : 2017. 11. 18 (Saturday) ■ Test Location : University of Toronto (Room# - TBA) ■ Test Schedule :

※ TOPIK I will be carried out during the first period only.

■ Application Period : 2017.8.1 (Tuesday) - 2017.9.8 (Friday), 9:00-17:00

※ In person or by mail only (Korean Education Centre, 555 Avenue Road Toronto ON M4V 2J7)

※ For in person applicants: Please come to the Main entrance of the Consulate & Ask the receptionist for TOPIK. Do not enter through the Consular office from the parking lot. Thanks for understanding

■ Required documents: ① completed application form ② completed payment receipt form ③ application fee (CAD$30.00: cash, cheque or money order)

④ If you have the receipt for Korean Language Program offered by the Korean Education Centre, please send or bring a copy of the receipt to get 50% discount ※ cheque or money order only when submitted via mail (Payable to Korean Consulate General)

2017 55th TOPIK Application Form.pdf

2017 55th TOPIK Application Form.doc

2017 55th TOPIK Receipt.doc

2017 55th TOPIK Receipt.pdf

***You can download past tests (1st ~ 38th, 41st & 47th test only) from***

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