TaLK Prospectus 2017

■ 2017 TaLK Scholarship Term

The current offered scholarship term is available for one 6-month period, which extension possiblies should they may be made available in the future.

- Fall 2017 - 6 Month Contract Period: August 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018

■ Eligibility

1. Nationality

o Citizens of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the

United States of America

o Overseas Koreans who are permanent residents in one of the aforementioned countries

o Korean citizens who have lived in one of the aforementioned countries as temporary residents for at least 8 years (with the intention of obtaining permanent residency), and who have completed both primary and secondary education in that country.

2. Education

Bachelors degree candidates who have completed at least two (2) years of undergraduate education, or Associates degree holders who completed their education at an accredited post-secondary institution in one of the aforementioned countries.

o Applicants completing the last semester of the second year are eligible to apply, but the final decision will not be made without the final official transcript indicating completion of two (2) years of undergraduate study.

o Applicants with an Associates degree or completing their final semester are eligible to apply, but the final decision will not be made without the final official transcript with the date of degree conferment indicated.

o Recent graduates and graduate students

o Overseas Koreans in their 1st or 2nd year of undergraduate study are eligible if they qualify for the F-4 visa or hold Korean citizenship.

o Applicants with a degree not listed above must have their institution provide an official letter along with the official transcript to verify the following:

- Date of Degree Confer

- Duration of the Program (Must be at least 2 years)

- Higher Education Accreditation

3. Qualifications

o Have a strong command of verbal and written English

o Meet the criteria of eligibility for one of the following visas:

E2-2 (Public Institution Foreign Language Instructor) or F-4 (Overseas Korean).

* Korean citizens do not need a visa.

o Be mentally and physically healthy and capable of performing assigned duties and responsibilities.

** Upon arrival in Korea, all TaLK scholars will undergo a mandatory medical checkup, inclusive of drug and AIDS testing. If a scholar does not satisfy the health requirements, his/her scholarship will be rescinded.

■ Job Description & Responsibility

1. General Information

TaLK scholars are required to participate in an online pre-orientation and on-site four (4)-week orientation program, and are prohibited from engaging in any activity (including other part-time jobs) not stated in their contract for the entire duration of the contract. Furthermore, the duties of the TaLK scholars are carried out under the guidance of the supervisor designated by the Provincial Office of Education (hereinafter "POE").

o Spring 2017(April) intake will be limited to a shortened 3-night 4-day orientation.

2. Job Description

o Teach English in after-school classes in the elementary school designated by the POE during the term of scholarship.

o Prepare teaching materials and activities for English language education.

o Assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities organized by the school, the POE or the community.

3. Teaching Hours

o Monday through Friday, 15 teaching hours per week (not inclusive of preparation and commute times)

o Class schedule is subject to change based on the schools needs.