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2013 Quiz on Korea

Quiz on Korea Returns!

Do you know how many members are in K-Pop band Super Junior? When did the Republic of Korea host the FIFA World Cup? What is the capital of Korea?

If you know the answers to these questions, join this year’s edition of “Quiz on Korea”! You may be eligible for a chance to win an “all-expenses” paid trip to Korea and be a part of a special television segment with national public broadcaster, KBS.

Hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, Quiz on Korea Canada qualification round returns this year with the ultimate winner invited to participate in the final round in Korea.

The qualification round across Canada will take place on Friday May 31, 7:00PM Eastern Time

Entry Qualification

- Any foreign national who can speak Korean and/or English.

*It is possible that the Final Round in Korea will consist of questions in Korean

*There will be extra points for Korean proficiency

- Individual and his/her immediate family member should never have held a Korean nationality.

*Overseas Korean nationals are not eligible for this contest

- All winners of qualifying round must be available to visit Korea for the Finals from August 2 to August 10, 2013.

- No age or gender requirements.

If you are qualified, please download the attached file for details and return the attached application form to:

Application Deadline: Friday May 24, 11:59PM Eastern Time,

*First 100 applicants who participate in the Qualification round will receive Early Bird Prizes

Canada-wide Qualification Quiz Date: 7:00PM Eastern Time, May 31st 2013

All inquiries should be made to:

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